Alamo Drafthouse: Board Game Night

Most kids have grown up playing board games – whether they were fun, children oriented classics like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, games based on working with finances and random luck such as Monopoly and The Game of LIFE, or perhaps even traditional tabletop favorites over many generations like Chess and Mancala. Board games are an industry that will never truly die, nor are they something that people can grow out of, and here at Alexan West Dallas you get the chance to celebrate the best of them with friends and good drinks. The best to do this at is at Alamo Drafthouse, and on Sundays they have a little bit more fun to be had.

Every Sunday, the Glass Half Full Taproom at the Alamo Drafthouse hosts the always exciting Board Game Night; the bar is located only fifteen or so miles from our luxury apartments, about an eighteen-minute drive or an hour’s ride on public transit. Complete with many exciting board game options along with full access to their local brewery menu, everyone is encouraged to tap into their inner child in this fun event. Try out their extensive wine and beer menu, ranging from robust reds and dark brews to their milder and sweeter white and light brew counterparts. Contest with your friends in a spoof of Dungeons & Dragons with Munchkin, outlast the horrors of the Eldritch gods in Arkham Horror, play around with eccentric party games like Say Anything!, or bring your own favorites from home. Finally, there’s no extra admission to this event; just bring your friends, your games, and your taste for excellent spirits at 5pm and relish in the fun.

Bring back the joys of childhood with adult flair here at Alexan West Dallas. Explore our amazing luxury apartments in Dallas today, and then stop by the Glass Half Full Taproom for Board Game Night on your next free Sunday.

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