Luxury Dallas Apartments

Your new luxury lifestyle begins when you choose the right home to host your happiness. This is exactly what you will find when you choose to live at the Alexan West Dallas luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas. Discover the pinnacle of comfort in luxury apartment and community amenities that are second to none and sure to please. Find your perfect space among premium layouts and floorplans designed for a lifestyle you will want to talk about and share. Of course, your new neighborhood is full of the arts, entertainment, and restaurants that are sure to become your new favorites.

Part of the charm of the luxury community amenities you can enjoy at Alexan West Dallas, is how easy they are to share with all the people you enjoy. Have your friends over for the next long summer...

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West Dallas Luxury Apartment Homes in Dallas Texas

Finding the true luxury you crave begins with looking for the perfect place that balances all the features you would expect with a personal comfort that you can find nowhere else. You will discover all of this and...

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Big One-Bedroom Apartments in Dallas

Let’s face it: no one likes a cramped living space. The ideal home has room to spare, room to fit in all your beautiful décor, your basic furniture, your hobbies and interests, and still have enough for guests to come in and visit. All our luxury apartments at Alexan West Dallas, from our comfortable studios to our gigantic two-bedroom models, have the big space you need to enjoy your off...

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A Blast from the Past in Dallas

The modern world is a wonderful place full of innovation and excitement, though sometimes its fast pace and frantic rushes can overwhelm your mind and make you feel sluggish. Sometimes it helps to escape from the day-to-day routine and experience something out of this world, or in this case, out of this timeline. Our neighborhood at Alexan West Dallas gives you access to some of the best...

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A Fit and Fun Dallas Apartment Community

Some people have a misconception that fitness and fun do not mix together. True, most exercises put strain on your body and can leave you sore the following day, but it doesn’t mean that your movements have to be mundane. You can easily get a workout from running out with your friends under the sun, getting on your bike and exploring all the beauty that’s in your neighborhood, or even...

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