An Afternoon at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas

The days grow warmer and the air seems fresher than ever thanks to the revived plant life of springtime. There’s no better time under these circumstances than to go to a park, whether you want an open spot for you and your friends to run around, a chance to see all the excitement and events the neighborhood has to offer, or if you simply want to lay back on the grass and gaze at the wide, open skies. Alexan West Dallas allows you a wide arrange of parks to choose from, some right close to home like Klyde Warren Park, so anyone to enjoy those fair-weather days.

The Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas is the ultimate afternoon escape from doldrums and tight spaces. It’s located only three miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their parking lot in under ten minutes or ride your park across the bridge. This five acres urban park is its own tiny spot of paradise, with several features to entertain all sorts of folk: the Performance Pavilion for live music and entertainment; the Savor and Relish park for food trucks to gather and sell their tasty goods; walking and biking trails for active folk; a children’s park for little tots and a dog park for man’s best friend; and a games area for quick matches of basketball or soccer. Special events, such as morning yoga courses, kid-friendly activities, tours, live performances, and even holidays cycle throughout the week, so it’s impossible to experience the exact same visit twice.

Breathe in the fresh air and admire the natural beauty of home from Alexan West Dallas. Explore our great luxury apartments and Klyde Warren Park on your next fine day.

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