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Wonderful Weekends at Our West Dallas Apartments

Saturdays and Sundays are arguably the best two days of any week. They’re the days in which most workers can take a break from their office assignments or field projects, where friends and family can easily gather around for fun adventures, and where you can catch up on much-needed rest. Our luxury West Dallas apartments at Alexan West Dallas are made for making the most of every weekend, whether you want something exciting or low-key.

First of all, our beautiful outdoor courtyards are the perfect spot to be during a fair-weather day. Lounge back on our relaxing hammocks and take in the bright blue sky, bring your furry best friend for some fetch in our pet-friendly community and dog park, play some sports out on the gaming area, and grill up some delicious barbecue on our...

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Dallas Apartments for Organized Minds

There are a lot of benefits for having a neat and organized home. First of all, most everything is easy to find – from your favorite coat to your car keys – because they’re all in the same place as they were yesterday. Second, taking the time to arrange everything in a neat fashion gives you more room to enjoy your favorite hobbies. Finally, it brings an air of welcoming that an...

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The Moment-Seeker: A Big One-Bedroom Apartment for Big Lifestyles

There are some moments in life that just need great amounts of space: birthday parties where you invite all your closest friends and family, Friday game nights where you bring out the board games and outwit your...

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The Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum in Dallas

Your luxury lifestyle is more than what happens inside four walls. When you make the Alexan West Dallas home, you begin a journey featured with beauty, comfort, and adventure. Location is still the hallmark of great real estate, especially when finding your new home. Discover the endless surprises your new neighborhood has in store. Find your new favorite restaurant, hangout, or attraction...

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alexan west Dallas luxury apartment community amenities

West Dallas Luxury Apartment Homes

Step towards joy when you move into the right home at the Alexan West Dallas. Find what you have been looking for – a beautiful demonstration of personal comfort and convenience. Shouldn’t every square foot of your new home have something magnificent to offer? Find the layout and floor plan that will launch the next season of your life right here. Each home is fitted with luxury apartment...

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