your 1 bed/1 bath luxury apartment home

The Independent – 1 bed/1 bath luxury apartment home in Dallas

Are you currently enjoying living in the luxury apartment home you richly deserve? If not, make your move to the Alexan West Dallas luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas. Here you will find a comfortable suite of luxury apartment features in every home. Just outside your front door, you will find plenty of luxury community amenities perfect for long weekends. You can choose from a number of spacious layouts and floorplans designed to give you the sense of home you have always wanted. When venturing out, you and your friends will love the dining, entertainment, and shopping choices in your new neighborhood just waiting to be discovered. The home you want is right here.

When you are ready to live the life you want, then make your move into The Independent- 1 bed/1 bath luxury...

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The Perot Museum in Dallas Texas

Finding the right place to live the lifestyle of your dreams can be tricky. Tricky, unless you start in the right place. Come home to the Alexan West Dallas luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas. Here you can indulge in the lifestyle of your dreams. Enjoy countless luxury apartment features dedicated to your comfort. Treat your friends to community amenities that are perfect for a long...

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Dallas Apartment Community

A Great, Green Dallas Apartment Community

All the seven billion or so humans on Earth are unique, and yet we all share one home through the planet we live in. As such, it’s important to share the same care and consideration for your home outside as much as...

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West Dallas Apartments

West Dallas Apartments with Modern Marvels

Tasks are far easier today than they were over ten years ago: information that once needed a trip to the desktop computer or the local library can now be pulled from a few taps on your phone touchscreen, online...

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One-Bedroom Apartments Made for Meditation in Dallas

When most people think of meditation, they think of someone perched on the top of a mountain or surrounded by beautiful nature scenery, sitting cross-legged on a mat with their backs straight, their eyes closed and...

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