Chino Chinatown Dallas

When you are looking for the perfect luxury lifestyle experience to call home you need to look no farther than the up and coming Alexan West Dallas luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas. Complete with the luxury apartment and community features designed for your personal enjoyment, with plenty to share, you can spend hours relaxing in your new community. Choose from any number of expertly designed layout and floorplans to complete your vision of what living well really means to you. Your new neighborhood is also filled with the entertainment and dining choices you need to have a fun evening out with friends and enjoy a sense of community. With Chino Chinatown in our neighborhood, our community just got tastier! 

Latin Chinese Fusion

The history of Latin – Asian cuisine is a classic tale of grit and determination to thrive, best embodies by the famous Dallas fusion restaurant Chino Chinatown in the world famous Trinity Groves restaurant incubator. Their tale of heroism and innovation begins thousands of miles to the east, then the south, evolving into a flavorful evolution you can enjoy today. In their own words “Chino Chinatown is inspired by Chinese immigrants that came to South America from the southern province of Guangdong and Macau in the late 19th century. Due to lack of Asian ingredients, the Chinese adapted their cuisine with items available in the area, creating unique blends of Chinese cooking with Latin ingredients. They established “barrio Chinos” which translates to “Chinatown” in Latin American cities. Chino Chinatown transports our guests to this era of mystery and adventure. Chef/Owner Uno Immanivong gets her inspiration from “barrios Chinos” and has created a destination specializing in the collaboration of Asian and Latin cooking flavors, cooking styles and techniques. The bar menu is motivated by the craft cocktail movement and features classic, hand-crafted drinks.” Delicious.

Dive into the unique lifestyle of luxury and flavor at Chino Chinatown and experience life at the next level when you live in the Alexan West Dallas luxury apartment homes in Dallas Texas.

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