A Green West Dallas Apartment Community

The importance of conservation could never be too stressed. Earth is our home, after all, so every little thing you can do to help means all the difference. Take the time to recycle whatever you can, such as plastic, paper, and aluminum; reduce the amount of waste you produce by going for reusable products, like refillable waters bottles, cars that run on electric battery in lieu of gas, and cloth bags to carry groceries; finally, allow yourself to live in an amazing West Dallas apartment community such as the one in Alexan West Dallas. Our community is full of green amenities to help the environment, one step at a time.

First, our luxury apartment community features a parking lot complete with electric car charging stations, allowing you to plug in right when you get home and save thousands of dollars and gallons of gas every year. We also offer a bike storage and repair facility for those who like to make short rides on a bicycle and reduce their CO2 emissions. Our apartments, clubhouse, and other indoor amenities include Energy Star certified appliances, meaning that they’re guaranteed to work efficiently with the least cost of electricity, water, or other materials. LowE double pane windows and the 15 seer HVAC system throughout our indoor amenities keeps them at the right temperature throughout the year using the least effort, letting you relax in comfort and a good conscious. Finally, our passive and active courtyards are flourished with flora, so you get to enjoy fresh air and fantastic views of Dallas right from home.

Save the world within your comfort zone at Alexan West Dallas. Stop by our incredible West Dallas apartment community today.

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