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"Fast turn around for work orders is outstanding. Very nice staff. Ammenties are amazing. Free wifi is a plus. No noisy neighbors. I never have to look for parking. The gym is two story and I never have to wait on a machine. I like the fact that there are cold towels to wipe off after yoga. The pool area is so nice."
"I really like it here. It’s quiet and very well designed. It took me a while to find them but when I finally did. Oh, it was well worth the wait."
"I should have moved here a long time ago! The staff here is professional, friendly, and always there to help. Not to mention all the beautiful amenities that are available to us as well."
"Amazing living community, great space in the unit. Great staff always into things you need will definitely refer to all my friends and family"
"This is the best apartment ever it has the best games the best view of dallas and the skyline it has so many fun games and stores and food near the apartment. this has been the best 6 months of my life!!"
"2 days ago ***Update: 02/05/2020: It would be of a disservice to everyone who reads and relies on reviews like I do if I were to not be completely honest. I dropped it down from 5 stars to 3 again. This in part has to do with two cars being stolen by the first ramp wherever that is so you want to avoid living/parking there for sure. This is the second email notice received since I’ve moved here and I haven’t even been here a month!*** It’s confusing because the person who came up with the garage ramp number signs didn’t think it through because of the split levels. You can’t tell delivery people to go to the 3rd floor ramp because there’s TWO 3rd floor signs on separate garage ramp levels. There’s a lot of going back and forth asking are you by the call box or are you by the sign without the call box? Major fail and confusion havoc! Along with the stolen cars, this is the part that is a very strong con of living here. I just moved in here a few weeks ago. My honest opinion is as follow: Leasing agents are very helpful and extremely friendly. At least the ones that I’ve dealt with or put up with me. You do have to keep on following up to get things done but it is what it is. The complex itself is relatively safe but parking is packed if you’re on the 3rd floor. It’s a big complex so get ready to spend an extra hour or two to pay extra for your movers because the elevators are far due to the construction on the street. Parking in the street is always taken for visitors and this isn’t a visitor friendly apartment when it comes to parking. Maintenance is super quick and the gentleman is always professional to get the requests fixed. This complex is not visitor/delivery friendly as you have to get out of your apartment to go get things like pizza delivery because they can’t enter into the complex without a key fob from the garage. It is very inconvenient if your apartment is far from the garage. Secondly, it’s not fully closed out so you will feel the chill when it’s cold outside in the hallways and heat in the summer. However, I did find out there’s a call box on the third floor that people can be buzzed in so there are ways around this. The ramp/stair signs has to be changed because it’s very confusing telling people to come to floor 3 sign door when there’s another floor 3 sign in another ramp below. So yeah, lots of walking to open the wrong doors for deliveries when they can’t get in. I give up often and tell them to either enter the leasing office when it’s open or just leave it in there for me to walk down to retrieve. They do promote the complex and engage resident with different social events and Facebook giveaways often. There’s always a schedule posted in the elevator letting us know. Amenities are nice, gym is very modern and everything works. The apartment itself is very spacious and there’s not that much noise except for some ghetto residents yelling and talking loud everyone now and then. You’ll hear music being played because the walls are thin and luckily my neighbor knows when to turn it down when night time approaches."
"So far our experience has been great. We love living here and the amenities that our apartment has to offer us. The team that works here has been nothing but amazing."
"The community is really friendly. The staff is very friendly. I love the amenities here. I love the location and it’s walking distance to many great restaurants."
"I’ve loved the location of the complex, it makes it easy for me to go around Dallas. The gym is also one of my favorite things about the Alexan."
"Every step of the way of me moving in went so well all due to the staff. Every question I had was answered right away and I was always able to get in contact with the leasing office with any problems."
"Hard to say what I like best about AWD! our place seems so warm and cozy and we feel like we’re on a never ending vacation! The front office people are the best!"
"So far my experience living here has been good. The people with the loud music going in and out of the gate early morning and late night could be more considerate, but I understand that isn't something the mgmt team can control."
"Didn't get all of the keys, paperwork or a trash can when I moved in, but the front desk team was quick to remediate the situation. So far I've really enjoyed living here and I am looking forward to the next few months."
"Great community, I’m a transfer from another property. Although there’s not washer and dryer included I’m still satisfied with my choice. The staff is much friendlier than my past experiences with other apartment’s staff!!"
"The team in the front office has really been a joy to work with and has made it easy anytime I’ve needed anything. Loving the events the have done recently, I missed the pancake breakfast but will be catching the next one!"
"I absolutely love living at Alexan West Dallas. The property is great, always clean and looking great. The office staff is the best I have ever had, always so helpful and kind. Any service repair is done quickly, although few and far between!"
"Everything is great! The only thing I do wish was improved was the speed of work orders, and well parking is super tight sometimes it’s hard to adjust yourself correctly and still be courteous to others"
"Pretty great experience up until now. The construction presents challenges but overall things have been nice here. The staff is super nice and they do a really great job of keeping residents as happy as possible."
"Whenever I request to get anything done in my apartment next day maintenance man comes and fixs it on time and these apartments are very friendly especially Edward good person and friendly."
"I do love the staff here at Alexan West Dallas. However, the parking situation has gotten horrible inconvenient. Other than that, the overall vibe here at Alexan West Dallas is very relaxing and enjoyable."
"The community here has great amenities and events for residents. The units are nice and this area has a lot to offer within walking distance."
"So far so good other than valet trash. Many people on the first floor do not use the valet trash bin. They also leave their trash bags open. The first floor is very dirty and always smells because the valet trash rules are not enforced."
"Alexan is cool so far. The residents all seem really nice. I am hoping management will be able to promote more of a community and family feel, where the residents participate more in community events and look out for each other. There is one manager who could be more personable and friendly. Also something needs to be done about the mess that comes with the valet trash, and monitoring residents who allow their dogs to urinate/defecate in the elevators and breezeways and leave it there for days."
"Alexan has been a really great experience. The office staff is so cute and nice, my apartment is beautiful and the amenities are great! I love it here!"
"I Love living here! The pool is awesome, quiet location and amazing amenities to be used. The apartment size is great and the garage is easy to use with my truck"
"I love the complex! The units are nice and laid out well. The amenities are nice and the leasing team is friendly! I feel safe and secure in my home and love the area"
"Despite the ongoing street construction, Alexan West Dallas is a lovely place to live. The apartments are up to date and the complex is clean. It is close to the growing Bishop Arts district while also being a short drive away from downtown."
"So good so good so good. The best the best the best the best. Not sure what app I need to say so I am typing words. Lots of words. Big words. The best words. The best best words."
"I have been a resident for three years.... I love the apartment home layout! Enjoy the appliances and my bathroom. Currently there is construction on the street so it makes day to day living challenging. Property overall upkeep is disappointing."
"Complex is clean Maintenance makes quick repairs No issue with parking I was concerned the dog park keeping me up but that has not been an issue. Since I’m new, I still have some exploring to do."
"I think you should put turf in the dog park. It's gotten so bad with the flooding each day from the sprinklers that it's nothing but mud and no one goes there anymore."
"Literally love living here! It’s beautiful, quiet, close to tons of places, and the office staff always makes sure to take care of you and whatever you need!"
"I love the Alexan West Dallas.No major complaints only that the people above me make a lot of noise. But everything else is great. I would recommend a friend to live here."
"Great management, amazing location & even better amenities. Issues are handled accordingly and management wastes no time, the community is always aware of what’s going on in & around our community, which I love!"
"This is my new home! I love my apartment, and my front porch area with the walkin is great. It is affordable and quiet. The staff is very responsive and nice."
"Enjoying the community. Office staff welcoming, friendly and accommodating. Convenient parking, upgraded amenities. I really don’t have any complaints"
"The experience here has been great, The front office has been extremely helpful with any questions that arise. They have really kept us informed regarding the unfortunate construction that has been going on. I have thoroughly enjoyed living here."
"So far, so good. Love the complex and amenities that Alexan West Dallas has to offer. Everything was very seamless moving in as well. Could have used a bit more communication proactively but overall still happy with the move in process!"
"So far so good! Its quiet, the residents are friendly. It's a well taken care of community and I love how we are informed of what's going on through email."
"I love it here but would like a little more information about the property upon move in. The place is awesome we like it. How do I use the phone key fob?"
"Well maintained property, very helpful staff, and in a good/Convenient location. Good amenities and floor plans. Very happy and pleased with my decision to move here."
"Loved it ! So awesome to have lived at these apartments.. I honestly don’t think anything bad. I wish they didn’t gentrify the area .. the cost of living became too expensive. Other than that seemed pretty great from the area it was in."
"The residents and staff are so welcoming and helpful! I love it here! For this place being my first time apartment, I’ve had he best experience so far. Can’t be anymore thankful!"
"Clean and very well kept property. The management staff is absolutely top notch. It's walking distance from trinity grove and very close to downtown. I love living here."
"So far everything has been great. I like the area, neighbors are friendly and office staff are nice and always willing to help which is a plus."
"Great promotions. Affordable pricing. Convenient location. Well maintained grounds. Offers everything I was looking for in terms of amenities including covered parking at no extra cost. Staff has always been very nice and happy to help."
"Move in was fantastically easy. The facilities are top-notch. I can't wait for it to be summer to take full advantage of the pool. Great location, close to a lot of public transport."
"Overall moving experience was great and the office personnel really made sure I had everything I needed and made the experience extremely easy"
"I should start by saying I just moved in. Though I LOVE my apartment, it is spacious and the price is move-in experience was not that great. I came in on my lunch break to get my key after signing my lease - and it didn't work. Well I called down to office to inform that my key did not unlock my door - and was told it would be fixed. Around 3PM I realized I wouldn't make it back before the office closed at 5:30 and asked for emergency maintenance's number. Around 3:30 I got an email stating that my door was now working properly. I thanked the staff and went about my day. Well when I arrived at 6PM - my door was still NOT WORKING. I emailed the staff 4 times with no response. The movers were arriving in the morning and I had no access to my unit. Feeling frustrated - i just left. I decided to try social media - and sure enough the office manager Linsey reached out through Instagram and got me in! Though I loved how helpful she was after hours...I kind of wish someone would have verified my key worked prior to move-in. Also, in all my past apartments - I have received a "welcome packet" that highlights information about the property. Trash pick-up, pool times, etc. I received an envelope with my pool bands and that was it. My mailbox key wasn't ready upon arrival either. I was also promised a $500 gift card if I leased within 24 hours of viewing. And when I moved in - I was told this must be completed withing Community Rewards and would take over a month. I just haven't been happy with my move in process - I really wanted to take some time to really thank Linsey and Jacob. I really appreciate how they attempted to help in a pretty crummy move-in. If you are considering the property - I would recommend...but would give your move-in process a few days."
"It’s been amazing , the staff is always available and the complex is gorgeous. Always proud to host events and have guest here at the Alexan West."
"I really enjoy living here. The staff is very friendly, understanding, and punctual. It always stays clean and fresh around the party rooms and lounge areas. I really enjoy the amenities and how close they are to my apartment."
"Great location, wonderful management staff. Love living here and the location is great. Lots of resident activities and events. Highly recommend."
"Been a resident going on two years now. Love the location and the amenities. Since moving in I have participated in many events and have come to look forward to annual events, like the annual summer pool party, the Halloween pumpkin painting event, Friendsgiving and much more. People comment on how resort like the apartment complex is and love the design and layout of our apartment."
"Overall, the experience has been great. The community is clean and quiet. The maintenance is quick and friendly. There are cool events every month. We love our apartment and really enjoyed living here."
"I love living here at the alexan west ! Such a warm caring staff that make coming home easy ! The layout is amazing and always super clean . Couldn’t be more happy to be a resident !"
"I love this place, I feel safe especially as a mom. Great staff. Neighbors are quiet. Halls, elevators, and lounges are always clean! I haven’t had a bad experience here at Alexan west."
"Awesome place and better people. They have worked with me to ensure my move in was as easy as possible and hassle free. I would and will suggest to anyone looking to move."
"Staff was great! Great attitude and down to earth. Had no problem accommodating me with my request and finding me the best fit for me. Will definitely recommend!"
"Awesome apartment. Great amenities. And kind staff. One item to improve on is I would like to pay rent with my credit card. I currently have to pay a high fee. Please consider waiving that fee."
"I love it !! Great community very nice place to stay ! Everyone welcomes you with a smile ! I can’t wait to enjoy some fun events. They have a lot of things ."
"Love every bit of it so far. The cleanliness and the all around welcoming attitude is honestly the nicest I’ve ever experienced. Location is great as well."
"Staff is Amazing. Made the move so easy for me! They’re specials were better than any apartment complex I’ve seen in Dallas. Updated appliances, great location and amazing gym. Thanks Alexan West Dallas."
"Jacob helped my sister and I move into this apartment very quickly. We love the apartment complex and are enjoying our new home. Thank you to Jacob and all of the Alexan West Dallas staff!"
"Great place to live. Great location and price. Apartment finishes make it feel modern. I've enjoyed my time here for the past 2 years and going. Would recommend"
"We love the neighborhood. Coming from downtown, the minimal traffic is a big plus for us, but there’s still great places to eat at CityLine. The apartment is beautiful, maintenance could use a little work, but overall everything has been good!"
"I really enjoy living in Alexan West Dallas. I enjoy the resident events. The only downfall is the construction and at times the resemudrnt below me pays their music really loud at inappropriate times... like 4am."
"We are so happy with our apartment! The people working the front desk are absolutely amazing! Thank you Jacob for putting up with our many requests!"
"The community is amazing and the clubhouses are always clean and stocked. Management addresses any issues within the community almost immediately."
"I just moved in a few days ago but am loving my experience so far. Staff could be better about communicating with each other and with new residents, and some of the common areas could be a little cleaner. The dog waste disposal areas are horrible and the smell travels inside the hallways and elevators."
"Awesome place to call home amenities are great location is great close to downtown restaurants and bars. Trinity overlook and park access is close by making a fun day scooters or bimes"
"My experience has changed. There has been some things happening like 2 random fire alarms, one at 2 in the morning, elevator not working for quite awhile, the Luxor mail lockers not working, and some vehicle break-ins. When I first came, I was happy to be here, but now, my enthusiasm has decreased."
"I absolutely love living here, the staff is amazing, the apartment is very cute, great location. The events are very fun and the complex is kept up well."
"The Alexan West Dallas has beautiful apartments, great pool, developing neighborhood, and convenient location. Sometimes there is noise from the Foundry next door, garbage smells in the garage, and construction surrounding the apartments but everything else about the apartments makes up for this!"
"Awesome place so far love it! I don't have any complaints and the staff is amazing! I can't wait to see what the future at the apartment brings!"
"I love living here! The community is nice, quiet, well maintained and secure! I couldn’t ask for a better property to be a resident of! Keep up the good work guys!"
"I love living at AWD!! :) I’ve renewed twice and have had the best living experience! The staff is what sets this place apart! They are friendly and genuinely care."
"I love living here! I only wish some things were a bit more taken care of. For example, I have a small dog and whenever I have gone into the dog washing area to give him a bath, he actually ends up more dirty than he was when he entered. This is because the tub is filled with dog hair that other residents leave behind from larger dogs. Also, since the day I moved in, my garage opener does not open the Yorktown garage entrance. I have done everything I can to make it work including getting it reset at the office 3 times. I finally gave up and never use it."
"Good place to live. I’ve really enjoyed it! Pool and gym is amazing and the staff is always really nice. Maintenance is always fast to fix problems"
"The experience living at Alexan West Dallas has been great. Any time an issuer has come up they handle it in a timely matter and are very nice about it as well. Makes me feel great living here as I am often extremely busy."
"The staff is great. They really know how to take care of the residents. It's a great place to live and hang out with friends and family. I've already recommended this property to several people."
"Good experience living here. Apartments generally clean and friendly staff- nice neighbors. Nice location with new up business starting to pop up. Only problem is parking here- more traffic means less street parking. No other major complaints though, nice community to be a part of."
"Love the location and my apartment home! The bathroom and kitchen appliances couldn’t be more modern!! They keep me here! The sky lounge and resort style pool are added amenities to keep me home!"
"Great location. Great staff as well. The amenities are endless and always accessible. The only downside is construction that’s taking place in the neighborhood causing road closures."
"I haven’t lived here long, but so far I have loved the complex. Great staff, community, and apartments. I will probably stay here for another lease."
"It’s been a great experience! Absolutely the best! I feel like I am at home the way all the neighbors and the staff treats us here!! I have renewed my lease twice because of this!"
"I’ve lived here a month now and I couldn’t be happier, I love the location of my apartment & the layout and amenities are SO nice! The bedroom and closet is spacious and my living room is wonderful!"
"Alexan West has a great community and complex as a whole. Amenities are top notch. The interior design is beautiful. Location is great. You're at the center of the metroplex without being "in" it. Very secure apartments, which is important to me. Only things to consider is that the walls are kind of thin so you can hear neighbors or outside pretty easily AND there's alot of construction around, but that comes with a growing community."
"Great community! Pool is awesome and amities are actually useful and fun. Gym is a great size too. The coffee machines in all three lounges as well as the office are very very nice and always full."
"Our move in experience was wonderful! Edward made us feel so welcome and was available for all questions and concerns. The property is very nice and includes plenty of amenities for fun and relaxation."
"Great Amenities and awesome floor plans! The insides of the apartments are extremely luxurious. However, Parking is usually an issue. Id definitely reccomend a reserved spot."
"Extremely friendly staff who have been very attentive to my move in so far! The units are top-notch and very well taken care of. I'm glad I chose to move into Alexan. :)"
"This is my first apartment and I can honestly say, I am very happy I chose Alexan West Dallas. The staff is super nice and all the events they have are very neat."
"Magament staff is amazing and very professional. Alma sold me on living here during my tour. Very nice apartments as well in a fun area. The gym and pool will be getting a lot of use."
"It’s amazingly , just hate the parking . It’s a clean community. Love the valet trash as an amenity . Wish the pool could have an option to for kid size ."
"Twelve!! Great experience so far. I have just moved in so I haven not had enough time to determine that. However, I can say that so far I am extremely impressed."
"The living experience and amenities have been great so far! We like our new place so much better than our last one and everyone in the front office is so nice!"
"Great community! Great staff! Great service! I recommend Alexan West Dallas for those who want to upgrade their living and be right outside of downtown Dallas."
"So far so good. I've seen so many changes occur within the last year. Its definitely not the property it used to be but, it's still a cool place to live."
"Amazing apartment to live in. The place is kept clean and tidy and the staff are very friendly. This is the only complex I’ve seen so far with a 2 story gym which is cool."
"Been living here since March love the vibe. Gym is awesome. I also enjoy the coffee bar. Next location is the pool. Glad we found this place in the west Dallas community."
"The leasing team is phenomenal, I’m definitely considering to renew my lease, especially since the new team provides excellent services to me each time I have an inquiry."
"Andrew and the staff made the move-in super easy and stress free. Community is clean and quite. Great location, great place to live. Facilities are top notch from exercise room to the pool and common areas are all really nice."
"It's been great! Thank you for having me. I will recommend Alexan West Dallas to other people as well. The staff in the office are so nice and helpful."
"For the last 2 years living here has been nothing less than AMAZING! The staff are great, and ensure all needs are met in a timely efficient manner! The location, amenities and resident and property relationship is almost like family!"
"Awesome staff and amenities, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and would recommend. Really nice that they hold events for their residents."
"The amenities are pretty solid. The front office crew tries to get the community together with fun activities and get togethers. Maintenance issues are resolved rapidly. The parking is awful."
"I have been in apartment for 1 month. Still have no answer about washer and dryer even if I have talked to multiple people about it. Love amenities, and resident lounges."
"Good so far. My only negative is that the parking spaces are so small, but there's not much you can do about that. Also, you guys should put cameras by the dog park and fine residents who don't pick up after their dogs."
"So far everything is great, the parking spaces are tiny but nothing we can do about that. The staff has been extremely friendly and accommodating"
"Great location and helpful leasing agents. Moving in was very easy and management followed up with me the day after to see how everything went. Would recommend to friends."
"The staff is wonderful and very friendly. The only drawback that I can think of is not having adequate visitor parking. Amenities are super cool and love all the the resident activities."
"Just moved in recently, but it’s been a great experience thus far. The front office staff is very helpful. Community is great as far as residents, amenities, and cleanliness."
"I love it here and haven’t had any problems so far . I plan on renewing my lease and hope to get some of my friends to move here . I love the location ❗️"
"Everyone is friendly and welcoming and it’s a great location, the apartments are very secured; I feel safe for myself and family. There’s a lot of stuff too do."
"So far so good. I recently finished painting my accent wall and I LOVE IT..!!! Can’t wait to finish decorating so I see the finished product"
"Overall great experience , great price for the quality and living space that is offered , would have thought it would be a challenge to move in on the second floor but even so the garage makes it so much easier. My family feels safe and secure here !"
"I’m a very new resident to the community. My first day seeing the property, I applied. The leasing agents as they were incredibly hospitable"
"My experience has been wonderful. The staff is so nice, My apartment is great and they have made moving in so easy. I am so excited about the community events"
"Excellent apartment! Great service! Studio bigger space than i remembered. Lounges and fitness rooms are kept in great condition. Quite, peaceful. Wonderful living here."
"Leasing staff has been helpful from start of application to move in. And the residents are some of the nicest we’ve experienced from any community we’ve lived at."
"Alexan West Dallas is a phenomenal place to live, really enjoy the community! Staff is amazing always working hard to make the place better."
"We have had the best move in process ever! They always followed up, they made sure we were aware of everything we needed, did it with a smile, and made us feel very welcomed. It's rare you find an entire staff that is helpful and so far no complaints!"
"I have thoroughly enjoyed living at Alexan West Dallas, anytime I have had a problem which is rare it has been addressed quickly and taken care of properly. The staff has been extremely helpful with any questions I have had as well."
"Very quiet community with a new 7-eleven close by! We enjoyed our stay there quite a bit but moved closer to our work. Plenty of parking and close to Dallas."
"Great people! Thank you for being so chill and putting your residents first! That is very rare to come by and so greatly appreciated. Always remember we love you!"
"Quiet, well maintained, goof floor plans. I wish the fridges weren't the side-by-side models (freezer's very small unlike the over-under models), but the layout is nice. Maintenance staff has been on point the few times we've needed them. Prices are a little high though."
"The staff has been great ever since I first moved in. The maintenance was not great at first, but has since improved. I do like that there is events sometimes, however, it would be nice if these events or a calendar could be emailed to all of us. I don't use the elevator so I often miss out on events."
"Alexan has always help me. they are very helpful and they are always willing to help (in any situation). I once had a problem with my washer and dryer and they were quick to resolve it. The staff is super friendly and they always have a nice attitude"
"Taking away the visitor parking and changing the entire office staff without notice is a disservice to tenants. For as much as we pay, we need visitor parking. You all should also tell prospective tenants about the chicken shack and the loud music on Friday and Saturday nights."
"I love, love, love, living here. The location is absolutely perfect. I love my spacious apartment. The amenedies are more than perfect for me."
"There are a lot of changes but its still ok here. The events are still ongoing, they have really increased prizes at events which is really nice but come on, a few pizzas would be good too."
"Nice spacious floor plans but I always have an Hvac problem I have problems when I order items and staff could be more concerned with residents problems."
"Great amenities, Floor plans and location. I work in different cities so this property was perfect for me and my everyday commute since is located in the heart of Dallas Tx. Office Staff is great and Maria the cleaning lady is awesome always greet you with a smile and coffee is ready every morning."
"Love the property.... moved in before they were complete! Great floor plans and excellent office staff...great location.... only reason not 5 stars... is parking..."
"my car was broken into at this apartment. i don’t feel safe. the parking garage is very hard to park in due to narrow spaces and driveways. the walls are very thin."
"apartamentos muy recomendable,lugar tranquilo y muy accesible a cualquier parte de la ciudad. el staff es muy cercano y son muy simpaticos. sin duda alguana estos apartamentos es una muy buena opción para alojarse en dallas."
"Great staff, safe, great location! This is definitely an up and coming area with a lot of new shops and restaurants popping up every day. I like how close it is to most major freeways and that it’s strategically located between trinity groves and bishop arts."
"Everyone in the leasing office is amazing. They’re all very attentive and sweet. The environment is peaceful and relaxing. We have had a wonderful experience."
"We’ve had a great experience with the property. From the initial leasing experience, move-in, and now living here a few months. I love the community and area is great."
"The front desk staff made moving into Alexan West Dallas a breeze! The apartments and apartment grounds are very well up-kept. The common areas (pool, dog park, grills, fire pits are all very well up-kept too. While it has only been a month since I moved in, first impressions have been golden and I hope to remain optimistic about this apartment community!"
"love living at alexan very quiet. everyone is so nice I love the amenities. I've only lived here for a couple months and I cant wait to see what activities are planned for summer"
"Just moved in so far so good. Love my location. The coffee bar and the gem are very nice. Once the pool opens then I will check that out. Overall this is a great complex."
"I really enjoy the community and the amenities the apartment has to offer. Great location. Amazing staff. Friendly residents. Very family friendly"
"Living here has been a really great experience. The staff have all been very nice and always willing to help with anything that you need. Maintenance crew is fast and efficient. They are all very easy to get a hold of which is a big deal to me!"
"I like the location. No problems with noise. Lots of amenities. Helpful staff! I do wish they gave more parking passes for residents because there's never a spot for me on weekends in the visitor parking, as I don't have a parking pass because they only give one pass per room, so if you live with more people, you don't get one. But there are always open spaces on the roof of the parking garage! I just can't park there without a pass. I love the gym and all of the little resident lounges. The places is very well kept!"
"The apartment complex has been great. The front desk has also been very helpful, the only knock I would have is the maintenance. I have had a problem with my fridge since I have moved in. They have come in four times and the issue has still not been resolved."
"Live the community and the staff. Kid and fur baby friendly with a really cool vibe for singles too. The only negative is the parking garage. Hate the parking for large cars."
"I think the main thing that my Wife and I love about this apartment is how quiet it really is. From the summer time through the winter, I've never had an issue with loud noise. The staff is always very nice to speak to and very helpful with anything we need. There's always someone in the office if I ever have an issue or question. They're always quick to respond to calls or emails. The events they hold on the property and the food trucks they bring in monthly have been wonderful."
"Overall quiet community, convenient and well maintained amenities. The location is great for the price and the staff is polite, and helpful."
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