Superb Studio Apartments in West Dallas

Studio apartments, particularly luxury studios, are quite underrated when it comes to their value; despite their smaller size, they offer the same amenities that the other apartments share, and they offer versatility when it comes to your personal style and organization methods. They’re also perfect for those just settling into a new town, or those who want to build their roots without the need to spend so much on rent and other fees. Here at Alexan West Dallas, we offer some of the best luxury studio apartments in West Dallas, giving both superb comfort and convenience.

Our studio floorplan, nicknamed “The Original,” stands out from other studio apartments in West Dallas thanks to its great potential in comfort and care. Its roomy 540 square feet of living space allows a single resident to lounge out in their own space. The open kitchen design makes it easy for cooks of all skill levels to make artisan meals, with ample pantry and cabinet space for stocking cookware and dried goods, and a raised shelf for easy snacking. Make your living room the ultimate spot for relaxation and recreation, with enough room to fit your entertainment center, comfy couch, your plush bed, and even a divider to allow some nighttime privacy. The accompanying walk-in closet allows you to sort your favorite outfits and accessories with complete ease. Finally, pull out an outdoor lounge chair and enjoy the fresh spring breeze, or even start a small herb or flower garden, from the wide balcony space.

Make the most of every square inch of home here at Alexan West Dallas. Explore “The Original” luxury studio floor plan along with our other fantastic apartment models today.

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